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Apple Maps Connect Unveiled

Apple has just opened Apple Maps Connect allowing small business owners to add their business to the Apple maps directory. Signing up for the service is easy but category options are minimal in comparison to Google or Bing Maps and doesn't include a "taxidermist" option. However you can assign up to three categories to your business and I'll recommend the three you should assign your business to. In less than an hour you can set up your listing in Apple maps and it doesn't even require any picture uploads! Apple Maps Connect Setup Guide

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is the process of optimizing your website to display higher in the search results for a particular search phrase. Google uses an algorithm that looks at 200 different ranking signals to determine their results list for a query. Some of the biggest factors for ranking high in the search results is page loading speed, time users spend on your website, keywords on your website, responsive design, and website authority.
Today, Google is almost synonymous with the Internet. It is also the place where someone will likely begin their search for a taxidermist. When you search Google for "Taxidermists," Google likely knows where you are and will automatically show results that are located near your location. Do you know if you're listed? Head over to Google Maps and search for "taxidermist near [Your City]" and don't forget to search on Bing Maps too. You can just type taxidermist to see taxidermists near your location. Adding Your Business Hopefully your business is shown, but there is no need to worry if it isn't. Having your business listed on the Google Map and Bing Map search results is not only free but claiming your business will give you additional insights to your website and access to Google My Business.

Changing Web Administrators

Have you ever heard from a new customer that it took the last taxidermist years to get their trophy done? Every industry is stricken with owners who drag their feet and putting in the minimum necessary effort. It may take a week to mount a whitetail, the glue and clay needs to dry and the face needs to be detailed and painted. Most website updates don’t take a week. On the web it is important to have changes made promptly. Changing Your Web Administrator Moving a website isn't as simple as just moving the files from an old server to a new one. Moving only your files would cause a web browser to display an empty page because there are no files on your old server anymore. The location of the files is only half of the web. After you type a web address and press enter there is a…

Remember Only One Password

The news is filled with stories of websites getting hacked, passwords being leaked, and stolen credit card numbers. There is no way to completely protect yourself from all the different types of data theft. However, you can easily take one step towards a secure web presence: using unique and complex passwords on every website, without memorizing them. Password Managers A password manager makes it possible to save all of your passwords in one. Many web browsers offer built in password managers but a better option exists. I use many different devices and multiple browsers on those devices to make sure websites are looking their best whether on a 1920x1080 monitor in Chrome or on a 4" iPhone screen in Safari. LastPass is the password manager that I use. LastPass encrypts and stores passwords in the cloud and allows access your passwords anywhere and it syncs with most browsers and mobile…

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