Is Your Taxidermy Business Listed on Google Maps?

Written by  Kevin Blank
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Today, Google is almost synonymous with the Internet. It is also the place where someone will likely begin their search for a taxidermist. When you search Google for "Taxidermists," Google likely knows where you are and will automatically show results that are located near your location. Do you know if you're listed? Head over to Google Maps and search for "taxidermist near [Your City]" and don't forget to search on Bing Maps too.

Taxidermist Listing on Google Maps
You can just type taxidermist to see taxidermists near your location.

Adding Your Business

Hopefully your business is shown, but there is no need to worry if it isn't. Having your business listed on the Google Map and Bing Map search results is not only free but claiming your business will give you additional insights to your website and access to Google My Business.


In August, Google released its collection of business tools in a suite called My Business. You will need to create a Google account to add your business, if you don't already have one (ex. Once your account is created you can add details about your business such as a description, pictures, and the hours. Google will need to verify your business before listing it on the map search results. This is done by responding to a postcard with a unique code that is sent to your business address. This helps verifiy that someone isn't trying to fraudulantly claim a business. It usually takes a couple of weeks before Google updates the map.
Maps is only one tool in Google My Business. My business integrates your website analytics, business reviews, Google+, and YouTube making it easy to manage your business in the world of Google.

Taxidermist in Bing Maps
Adding a city to the search provides the most relevant results for that area


Bing doesn't offer any business tools like Google but it is still important to claim ownership of your business listing. Visit Bing Places to create a Microsoft account (,, if you don't have one and claim ownership. Like Google, Bing will want details about your business to provide better information to those searching the web. Your business will also need to be verified on Bing Places in order to show up on the map. Bing offers phone, postcard, and website verification methods. In my experience, Bing seems to update their map slightly quicker than Google.

Don't Want the Hassle?

I will set up your Taxidermy Studio in Google Maps and Bing Maps for $60 if you don't want to deal with it yourself. Please contact me at your convenience and I will provide you the details I will need to create or complete your listing on the two most popular map services.

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