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Remember Only One Password

The news is filled with stories of websites getting hacked, passwords being leaked, and stolen credit card numbers. There is no way to completely protect yourself from all the different types of data theft. However, you can easily take one step towards a secure web presence: using unique and complex passwords on every website, without memorizing them.

Password Managers

A password manager makes it possible to save all of your passwords in one. Many web browsers offer built in password managers but a better option exists. I use many different devices and multiple browsers on those devices to make sure websites are looking their best whether on a 1920x1080 monitor in Chrome or on a 4" iPhone screen in Safari. LastPass is the password manager that I use. LastPass encrypts and stores passwords in the cloud and allows access your passwords anywhere and it syncs with most browsers and mobile devices. LastPass is completely free to use through the website and on all desktop browsers. The premium version costs $12 a year, which gives additional features and access to passwords using mobile operating systems, like Android or iOS. Leo Laporte, owner of TWiT, delivers a great explanation of secure passwords and tutorial on using LastPass in the YouTube video below. Everything you need to know is covered in the first 15 minutes of the video and the remainder explains some of more advanced options and benefits of LastPass.

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